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We are engaged! I travel down to Florida a lot because my family has a house there. I'm a teacher so on all my breaks I head down to Florida. For spring break I was planning on going of course, but Nick said he wanted to go for a long weekend because long story long he starts a new job Monday and could come down for a few days. Which I was shocked about him planning this out! Now for the back story. Nick and I started seeing each other in March 2021. We started living together casually August 2021, officially around Thanksgiving break 2021. In November of 2021 I made him go to Kay Jewelers with me because we passed one on the way to dinner and to my surprise he turned around and we went! Picture below from that night! On the ring trip we looked at a few different shapes and sizes of diamonds. I had always wanted a princess cut, or square as I call it, since childhood, but ones I saw on Pinterest that I liked were round. Nick preferred the round. I told Nick he could pick, but I kne

Telling My Kindergarteners I'm Engaged

So my kids had been asking me since practically the first day of school if I'm married and when I am getting married. I had explained that I am not married, but I will get married once Mr. Nick gets me a ring. So all year that was a hot topic of conversation between them lol. When winter break came they thought I would get a ring because Mr. Nick and I were going to Florida. When we came back from break I had told them we didn't get to go because our flight got canceled. They felt bad, but when spring break rolled around they thought this was IT! So Mr. Nick and I go to Florida. I of course share online and tell any parents following me on Instagram to NOT tell their kids because I wanted to surprise them. When they came in on Monday morning I hid my ring. A handful of them asked first thing about the ring and seemed disappointed, but I was so warmed by their words of encouragement. I had some 'it's okay maybe he will get your a ring for your birthday' and 'that

DIY Sensory Table

Okay so I've been dreaming of this table for FOREVER. I asked Nick if he could help me make it and he said yes! However, I probably could have figured it out myself now that I know how to use a drill lol. *This is not a hammer and nails type* First you need to lay out the bins. I put painters tape around mine to get the measurements. My table is 30x36. Then head to home depot. We got two pieces of five inch width wood because my bins were five inches tall and I wanted it to have sides that they fit in without it going over the top. I forgot how many inches they were, but we needed two to make the 36x30 work. We also got one piece for the legs that was 92 inches long which would have been perfect for the legs (23 inches), but I insisted it would be too short so we used other wood at home and he had to cut the legs...oops!  We had wood for the bottom at home, but not enough to cover. So I suggest getting a big piece that can be cut into three or however you need to mak